DoTell redefines online business communications

Telling your story and actively listening. Because communication is never a one-way process


We believe every business story deserves to be told the right way. (Because there are right and wrong ways to tell a story). Overwhelming your prospects with complex sets of data, specs, and too much context won’t do. Neither will “little known tricks to,” “bulletproof ideas for,” or any other cliche sourced from a startup bro wordbook.


We transform the mode of web communication. We don't just create new means of communication.


We create data-driven pieces of coherent content that boost conversion rates immediately. We don't just make beautiful sales presentations. That said…


We help people create engaging content they are proud of. It's not about playing sales tricks on prospects.


Not everyone is a natural-born storyteller, and that’s okay. Sadly, the advice you’ll come across when trying to hone your sales narrative is: “keep it short, stupid” and “features tell, benefits sell,” and it just doesn’t work like that. The “features” and details are where the story is. They excite us, push our limits, move us. They’re anything but boring and they deserve to make a long-lasting impact.


Seeing our customers thrilled when their first decks come to life and learning about how DoTell improves their sales results is our ongoing motivation to expand and improve our product. 


So if it all strikes a chord with you, we’d love you to join us on that journey.

Where it started


We created DoTell out of frustration with the boring and ineffective ways business information is being presented across the web.

At first, we created it as a tool to help us communicate better with our customers. Once we’ve seen the impact our content had, we realized we could transform web business communications forever.

And so, Itai, Yaacov, and Daniel, three like-minded data and content geeks, set out on a world-changing mission.


To build the most powerful business content tool in the world.

To help businesses improve their sales results through great storytelling.

To create a workspace that challenges team members and stimulates constant growth.


A wise man once said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and we chose to stick to that.

At DoTell, we take our values seriously and fall back on them when dealing with challenges, exploring the unknown, or pursuing the next big goal.

Thinking big

You want to leave a lasting mark on the way things are done in this world.


You want to be the best at what you do and enjoy yourself along the way.

Positive impact

You take initiative and always have the end goal in sight.


You actively listen to what others have to say, no matter your relationship with them.


You strive to gather the most talented people around you and feel comfortable working with colleagues smarter than yourself.